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Before leaving for your destination you need to buy currency for your destination country. This will ease the trip and you can enjoy worry free. Buying forex from Bonton Money Exchange is very simple process & we offer best rates.

Sell Forex

At Bonton Money Exchange, We guide you & help you sell your foreign currencies hassle free & as usual we offer best rates as compared as compared to other vendors. We always try that you should get maximum returns for your currencies.

Wire Transfer

Any Indian resident can send money abroad to their family member or close relatives through wire transfers.

Demand Draft

We are well equipped to issue drafts in all major currencies as per our drawing arrangements with leading correspondent banks locally and overseas.

Reload Forex Card

The customers can easily reload their Forex card as an when they fall short of currency in abroad by just informing their family members, friend or any close one in india.

Unload Forex Card

Forex card works just like your debit or credit card. You can use a forex card to shop, withdraw money or pay your bills while you are travelling abroad.


Just Only 4 Steps To Start


Select the product

Select the product and calculate your exchange amount.


Supporting Documents


Tell us your travel details with supporting documents


Select Location

Enter your delivery details or select the pick up location




Make a secure payment with us to confirm the exchange

Live Rates

Symbol Buying Selling
USD/INR 83.08 84.33
AED/INR 22.62 22.96
EUR/INR 90.13 91.48
AUD/INR 54.89 55.71
NZD/INR 49.32 50.06
GBP/INR 107.14 108.75
JPY/INR 0.5351 0.5432
CAD/INR 60.28 61.19
CHF/INR 93.17 94.57
THB/INR 2.3 2.33
CNY/INR 11.42 11.59

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What exactly is meant by business travel?

Business travel category is for those who travel on company expense, For that the customer has to produce their valid passport, ticket and pan card at the time travel and their company KYC's like MOA, company pan card, GST details, Shop & Establishment, Authority Signatory List & etc., for registering their company in our system. Limit for a person under Business category (BTS) is 25,000 $ (3000 usd currency & 22,000 usd forex card) & 2,50,000 USD per year under LRS (Liberalised Remittance Scheme).

Limitation for a student who is going under Education category has a limit of yearly 2,50,000 USD $ under LRS (liberalised Remittance Scheme), But while departing from India the student can avail USD currency 3000 (hard Cash) and rest in Forex Card.

Any Individual Indian Resident can send a gift remittance in abraod with having a yearly limit of 2,50,000 USD per year under LRS. The customer has to produce a minimum documents for doing Gift remittances. The remittance can be made in any freely convertible foreign currency.

Q.Are children and minors also entitled to foreign exchange when they travel abroad ?

Yes, Even a new born child are entitled to avail forex currencies USD $ 3000 and its equivalent to another currency. Forex card are not allowed to the children below 18 yrs.

NRI's cannot buy foreign exchange in India, they can easily get Indian currencies from their NRE/NRO's bank account. For that they have to coordinate their banker near their location. Foreigner can buy Forex worth inr. 10k equivalent to USD or any other currency.

Permissible foreign exchange can be drawn 180 days in advance by an individual, resident in India.

On return from a foreign trip, travellers are required to surrender unspent foreign exchange held in the form of currency notes and travellers cheques within 180 days of return. However, they are free to retain foreign exchange up to USD 2,000, in the form of foreign currency notes or TCs for future use or credit to their Resident Foreign Currency (Domestic) [RFC (Domestic) Accounts.

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